Nouvelle Habit Hip Flask


Nouvelle Habit Gold luxury stainless steel 6oz hip flask.

Perfect for out in the feild, these luxury hip flasks fit perfectly in all our pockets.

This will add a touch of class to any country side occasion you may be attending. Filled with your favorite tipple, share with friends or simply sip to keep out the cold!

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Gold luxury stainless steel 6oz hip flask with funnel.

The premium contoured hip flask speaks of poise and quality. Rounded edges and a high grade polish offer a depth in the reflection on the surface, and the heavyweight styling brings a sense of substance alongside sophistication.

  • Boxed perfect for a gift
  • 6oz hip flask
  • 2 x metal shot glasses
  • 13cm tall
  • 9cm wide
  • 1 x pouring funnel

This will add a touch of class to any country side occasion you may be attending

All of our skirts are designed to fit as an elegant and protective overskirt; the buckles at the front allow for size adjustment.

The skirt waist sits on the waistline, just on or below the belly button. The weight of the skirt allows it to sit comfortably on the hips and over the natural curve of the body.

Each skirt ranges between two sizes (see chart) when the skirt is done up at its tightest it is at its lowest size.


Size  UK Length
XXS (24″ lowest)  6 – 8 80cm
XS (26″ lowest) 8 – 10 80cm
S (28″ lowest) 10 – 12 80cm
M (30″ lowest) 12 -14 80cm
L (32″ lowest) 14 -16 80cm
XL (34″ lowest) 16 – 18 80cm

Hand Made

Each Nouvelle Habit skirt is handmade to order. We aim to have your skirts sewn up 3-4 weeks from the date of order, this can change during busy periods. 

If you need your skirt made by a certain date, please contact us directly before ordering to ensure we can achieve this.


If you have selected a bespoke option you will receive an email from our team to discuss your individual requirements.

Please note that bespoke elements may incur additional costs and or require longer sewing slots depending on production costs and lead times for bespoke elements.

If you would like to talk over ideas before purchasing a bespoke skirt please email [email protected]

Odette is always happy to discuss ideas, interests, best options and provide an estimate of additional costs.

Tips from our designer

When thinking about bespoke fabrics I recommend looking at cottons, poly cottons, cotton twills, tweeds and boiled wools. If you have a different fabric in mind just let Nouvelle Habit know and we will check to see if it is a viable alternative.

Stripes and checks are more challenging than they might sound; due to the shapes of the pattern pieces in the skirt (all have a slight curve to them) straight lines will not match up at the seams.

If you want a patterned fabric in your skirt think about the size of the pattern and the repeat – this means how often the design is repeated in the width of the fabric.

Please note: If you are buying your own bespoke fabric (once you have confirmed with us it is a viable option) you will need between 2 -3m to line your skirt (depending on size ordered) ideally the width of the fabric would be 140m wide but we can work with any width.


Waxed cotton Explained

We use Traditional English Waxed Cotton.

Waxed cotton fabric is waterproof but wherever the fabric is stitched there is a possibility it will allow water in. If you find that there is a leak in your skirt you can easily touch up the area with a wax dressing. Regular reproofing will help maintain the waxed cotton and prolong its life. You can purchase our recommended wax dressing or treat yourself to a handy waxed cotton care kit.

How to re-wax using waxed cotton dressing

  • Using a damp sponge clean of any excess dirt from the waxed cotton.
  • Place your tin of wax cotton dressing in hot water to soften it.
  • Apply thinly with a clean cloth to you waxed cotton.
  • Paying extra attention to seams, pocket edges and any particularly worn areas.

The best way to store you skirt, is to hang it up using the hanger at the back of the skirt. This will allow it to dry out and reduce the risk of it staying damp and mould forming.


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