The Moorland – Care Kit


Nouvelle Habit – Care Kit

Designed to help you keep your ‘Moorland’ Riding skirt in tip top shape.

Wax cotton is a super fabric, as it allows you to re-waterproof it at any stage of its life. Using the Care Kit, you can touch up any areas that are getting lots of wear and make sure you stay dry for years to come.

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Each Care Kit contains⁠

  • 1 x Zipup Cotton bag⁠
  • 1 x Wax pot⁠
  • 2 x Biodigradble sponges⁠
  • 1 x Mini towl with metal clip ⁠

Re-waxing instructions can be found on the bottom of the wax tin.

I recommend re-waxing your skirt if it has been cleaned of, mud or grease as this will of lifted some of the wax in the fabric and if you have worn your skirt for long periods in heavy rain.

The more you care for your wax cotton the longer it will last.

Waxed cotton Explained

We use Traditional English Waxed Cotton.

The wax cotton fabric is waterproof but wherever the fabric is stitched there is a possibility it will allow water in. If you find that there is a leak in your skirt you can easily touch up the area with the wax dressing provided.

How to re-wax using waxed cotton dressing

  • Using a damp sponge clean of any excess dirt from the waxed cotton.
  • Place your tin of wax cotton dressing in hot water to soften it.
  • Apply thinly with a clean cloth to you waxed cotton.
  • Paying extra attention to seams, pocket edges and any particularly worn areas.

Regular reproofing will help maintain the waxed cotton and prolong its life. You can use other re-waxing products as long as they are designed for, Wax cotton garments.

The best way to store you skirt, is to hang it up using the hanger at the back of the skirt. This will allow it to dry out and reduce the risk of it staying damp and mould forming.


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