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What is the diffrence between your riding skirts?

  • The Original Moorland – Is lined with cotton, making it perfect for all year riding
  • The Moorland Extra – Is lined with wool, giving you a little extra warmth
  • The Highland – Is lined with a mix of cotton and sheepskin, the sheepskin sit directly over your legs.

What type of saddle can you ride in?

Our riding skirt’s have been designed for all styles of astride saddles from English to western style.

Can I use your riding skirts for sidesaddle?

Unfortunately the design of our skirts don’t work with a sidesaddle, however it is a product we are looking in to designing and making in the future.

Can I ride in the Walking skirt?

No, the Walking skirt has nowhere near enough fabric for you to ride in.

How do I re-wax my waxed cotton skirt?

  • Using a damp sponge clean of any excess dirt from the waxed cotton.
  • Place your tin of wax cotton dressing in hot water to soften it.
  • Apply thinly with a clean cloth to you waxed cotton.
  • Paying extra attention to seams, pocket edges, and any particularly worn areas.
  • If you are re-waxing just one spot, use a hairdryer on a low setting once done to help spread any excess wax.

How often should I re-wax my skirt?

As you use your skirt the wax will slowly lift out of the fabric, we suggest re-waxing when your skirt springs a leak. This will normally be in areas that get the most direct rain or contact such as the thigh area and pockets. The other time to re-wax is if your waxed cotton is looking dry, as you need to keep it supple to stop craking, again the pockets are an area to watch for and the skirts seams. If your ever unsure then please email [email protected] and we can give you advise.

What size skirt should I choose?

Our skirts are designed to be worn as an over garment and should sit just on or below your belly button which is your natural waist. Each skirt ranges two sizes. When it is done up at its tightest this is the lower size. To get the best fit measure your waist with your trousers on then compare this to the size chart and see which skirt would be the best fit for you.

What is the button for on the riding skirts?

The button at the front of your skirt is to be done up across your horse’s withers to keep the rain out. It also helps keep the skirt in place, especially if you are going quickly or it’s a bit windy.

Can I get my skirt repaired?

Yes absolutely, all you have to do is send us an email to [email protected]

Please put ‘repair’ in the subject box so we can spot it easily.

A written description of the damage is good, but if you can take some photos and attach them to an email, that is even better. This will help us to be able to give you a more informative reply.  

Why waxed cotton and not a more modern fabric?

Waxed cotton is a tried and tested fabric that has been around for centuries. When cared for it will last you a lifetime. It also is the perfect weight to help keep your skirt in place plus, it doesn’t make any noise when you move around.

What to do with my skirt when it’s wet?

The best thing to do with your skirt when wet is to hang it to dry using the hanger on the back of the skirt, if you want it to dry quickly placing it in a warm room will help speed up the drying. 

Please do not hang too close to heaters or fires. Remember it is made of wax!

How long is the turn around after I have ordered?

As each skirt is handmade to order this will vary. We aim to get it to you with in 3-4 weeks from ordering, However during our busy months it can take longer but we will always inform you so you have an idea of the wait that you can expect. Please feel free to contact us before ordering if you would like an up to date lead time.

Can the length of the skirt be altered?

Our skirts have been designed to be the good length for everyone, however we can make alterations if you need them, depending on how much you want added or taken off there may be a charge due to making a custom pattern. Please email [email protected] to discuss any alterations.

What activities can I do in my riding skirt?

We have tried to test our skirts for all activities but I’m sure there are things we have missed. 

This is our current list of things you can do in the riding skirts,

  • Walk
  • Trot
  • Canter
  • Gallop
  • Jumping
  • Hacking
  • Going through brambles
  • Groundwork
  • Leading

What activities can I do in my walking skirt ?

Things you can do in your walking skirt,

  • Dog walking
  • Shooting
  • Beating
  • Tending live stock
  • Foraging
  • Shopping
  • Angling

If you have something new to add to our list or you have a question please contact us via [email protected]

We would love to hear from you.

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