Test Run photo-shoot

Odette on Jester in first riding skirt

On the morning of our test run I washed Jester from head to toe, much to Jesters disgruntlement. I carefully wrapped him up and hoped that I had done enough to keep him clean in the January Mud! The location was at Kate’s (my lovely yard owner’s) house, which was a 10min hack up the road. As we set off, a thick cloud of drizzle rolled in over us… Not ideal.

We carried on as best we could, whizzing through shots and poses with a variation of backdrops. The grey wet sky loomed around us and we all hoped that we had caught some useful compositions.

We had packed up and were almost ready to leave when I asked Avril (my friend and photographer) “have you ever ridden a horse?” Before she knew it, my hat was on her head and I popped her on board, giving her no time to question what I was doing.

Up on Jester’s back we set off for the stables. Avril’s grin was from ear to ear all the way home. It is a very beautiful thing to witness the joy a horse can bring to someone.


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