Old skills resurfacing

I buckled down to designing the straps for the skirt fastenings.
I wanted my design to mirror the shape of my logo, to have in-built slits as keepers* so as not to have to attach keepers.

I wanted the design to be as streamline as possible. I did not want any bulky parts on my skirts; nothing should be uncomfortable.
My original plan was to hand cut each one. As an experienced belt maker, I knew this could work.

Then, I had a radical idea; laser cut leather. This would not only save time but would achieve a perfect finish every time. This meant transposing my hand drawings into a CAD file, luckily my wonderful partner Josh was able to do this for me.
So I contacted a few leather suppliers searching for a good quality source, produced in the UK.
My quest led me to a tannery in Somerset, collecting samples to test the quality of the laser cut fastenings and keeper.

*Keepers wrap around the buckle, ensuring that the buckle remains fastened


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