Prototype No5.

Odette looking confused in her workshop

My ‘Hobby Horse’ was fantastic for cosmetic fixes but as a rider I knew the importance of live tests. Moving in the skirt while mounted, the drape of the fabric and the range of movement the rider would have, the way my design behaved in every kind of weather. These were all crucial aspects of the product in my mind’s eye and I was determined to get them right.

So prototype No5 encompassed all of these changes plus and was made from a sample of a heavy weight waxed cotton and fully lined.  This gave me get a true idea of what the final product would look like and feel like.

Back up to the yard to try it out. Perhaps by now you have realized how important perfecting this design had become and unfortunately it still wasn’t doing the job.

I felt good in it and I had compliments on how it looked but… I am a perfectionist, I have no desire to compromise on my dream and I wasn’t 100% sure that No5 was going to do the job that I wanted most.

I wanted the skirt to keep me dry.

So it was back to the drawing board….


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