Fresh eyes

Jesters eye

I’m lucky I have a super supportive mum and dad, both willing to listen to my crazy ideas, give me advice and most importantly, let me follow my heart.

During the prototype stage I had been bombarding them with photographs and filling their inboxes with questions. Taking them with me on the roller coaster of emotions that I was going though every day! From elation to devastation, my parents experienced it all too.

After prototype No5, I went home for a visit; I took everything with me.  All of the prototypes, fabric samples, everything! I was feeling exhausted, I was still not sure that No5 was going to do the job and I didn’t really like the look of it now either. It felt as if No5 had taken a huge step backwards.

I was hoping that fresh eyes might give me some new ideas and inspiration and that is exactly what I got. After two many cups of tea to count, trying each skirt on in turn and a lot of head scratching the ideas came.

Three more designs and some new fabric ideas, I was so happy and couldn’t wait to get back to the studio and get cracking on the next steps.


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