Design your own skirt with Nouvelle Habit

As you can imagine, for someone like me who loves fabric, this was the fun and exciting part. However the fabric hunting process took a very long time. I searched high and low for different waterproof materials.

I knew that it needed to be lightweight, strong and most importantly a waterproof material that would stand the test of time.

You would be surprised how many claim to be waterproof but in reality they just aren’t. It also needed to have a certain feel to the fabric not only to touch but also how it looked and hung.

I wanted to source a fabric that was made in the UK and of a very high quality. After months of testing and deliberation I decided to go with waxed cotton.

This traditional method of waterproofing fabric has definitely stood the test of time. The waxed cotton look has become intertwined with traditional English past-times and the look reminded me of being outdoors.

The more I worked with it the more I realized how supple it could become. It has a vintage look about it that fits in so well with my Nouvelle Habit dream – I just love it.

At this point my mind went into hyper drive and I couldn’t stop the ideas flooding in. When I was awake I was drawing, writing and sewing as much as I could. Looking at buttons, threads, lining fabrics… every little detail was carefully researched and tested.

And when I was asleep I dreamt of riding in the open countryside on my horse wearing my beautiful Nouvelle Habit creation.


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