Bespoke Skirt Designs

All of our skirts are handmade.

If you’d like something a little different just contact us.

Looking for a skirt to match you and your horse’s colours?

Perhaps you want to stand out from the rest at the next show?

…Or feel even more fabulous on your early morning hack?

Look no further. With Nouvelle Habit there are no limitations.

We can change the outer-waxed cotton, linings, leather, buckles, buttons and even the colour of your hook and loop fastenings.

If you fancy adding extras we will do our best to make this happen too!

Get in touch about a bespoke design

Nouvelle Habit sells to all UK locations, for all orders outside of the UK please contact our team.


Please contact us and let us know what you’d like to try….

Bespoke Design Enquiry

Provide details of your individual request.
  • Please provide us with as much detail as possible... Bespoke orders can take up to six working weeks during busy periods. Please discuss shorter timeframes with us [here] we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
  • Shipping charges may vary for customers outside of the UK

Our riding skirts are designed to fit as an elegant and protective overskirt; the buckles at the front allow for size adjustment.

The skirt waist sits on the waistline, just on or below the belly button. The weight of the skirt allows it to sit comfortably on the hips and over the natural curve of the body.

Each skirt ranges between two sizes (see chart) when the skirt is done up at its tightest it is at its lowest size.


SizeUK Length
XXS6 – 880cm
XS8 – 1080cm
S10 – 1280cm
M12 -1480cm
L14 -1680cm
XL16 – 1880cm

Waxed cotton Explained

We use Traditional English Waxed Cotton.

The wax cotton fabric is waterproof but wherever the fabric is stitched there is a possibility it will allow water in. If you find that there is a leak in your skirt you can easily touch up the area with the wax dressing provided.

How to re-wax using waxed cotton dressing

  • Using a damp sponge clean of any excess dirt from the waxed cotton.
  • Place your tin of wax cotton dressing in hot water to soften it.
  • Apply thinly with a clean cloth to you waxed cotton.
  • Paying extra attention to seams, pocket edges and any particularly worn areas.

Regular reproofing will help maintain the waxed cotton and prolong its life. You can use other re-waxing products as long as they are designed for, Wax cotton garments.


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