New idea,Walking skirts..

drafting patterns for walking skirt

During the making of ‘The Moorland’ riding skirt, I had the idea that it would be great if you could get a wax cotton walking skirt.

Myself and my partner love to go camping and walking and are not put of by the weather. My partner has some water proof trousers but I don’t as I hate the idea of wrestling my muddy boots off to then peel off wet trousers. The idea of the skirt was much more appealing. The skirt would have a similar design and concept to ‘The Moorland’ a wrap around waxed cotton skirt that I could simply pop on and off over what ever Im wearing and hang it up easily to dry when I was finished.

I decided to go back to prototype No 3 from ‘The Moorland’ to use this as my starting point for the walking skirt, this prototype was much straighter and had less panels so I thought it would be a good shape and design to start at. I got to drafting a pattern, taking away the split at the back and adjusting the length. By the end of the day I had my first pattern ready and was keen to get a skirt sewn up.

Once I had sewn the skirt up and tested it, it was apparent that there were a few issues with the skirt, the look was good and the fit was great but when it came to walking in it the performance was not right. As with when I was designing ‘The Moorland’ skirt it was important that the skirt did a job and was not just a piece of fashion, that it was going to be a piece of equipment. The walking skirt for me needed to work in the rain and wind, while walking up and down hills and even climbing over gates and styles.

So it was back to the drawing board to see if I could get the skirt working better. I had a few different ideas that I wanted to try, I wasted no time and got the next pattern and prototype ready.

Prototype No1 for the walking skirt was made in August 2020.


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