Celebrating Made in the UK day 9-3-21

Hand made in britian

Hand made with love⁠

All our skirts our hand cut and sewn by myself ‘Odette’ I’m the founder, designer and owner of Nouvelle Habit.⁠

Here are some of the reasons I choose to hand make every skirt.⁠

-I wanted to make sure each skirt is of the highest quality.⁠

-Every skirt is made to order, which means I don’t have lots of stock and that I only use the exact amount of fabric needed so I reduce waste. ⁠

-I hope that as my business grows I will be able to employ seamstress and build a family/team of sewers, which I can make sure every one is paid well and has a safe and fun work environment. I hate the idea of having my skirts manufactured and not knowing or having control over how the employees are being looked after or paid.⁠

-It also means that I can provide a bespoke skirts service, to meet every ones style and tastes.


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