Why Wax Cotton?

Water running of wax cotton

This traditional method of waterproofing fabric has definitely stood the test of time. The waxed cotton look has become intertwined with traditional English past-times and the look reminds me of being in the country side.

Waxed cotton, is made treating strong cotton canvas fabric with a wax formula. They’re a few different methods to doing this and each manufacture have there own special ways. This then creates a barrier that is highly resistant to wind and water, while maintaining the desirable breathable quality of the cotton.

Other benefits of wax cotton are that it is hard wearing strong fabric, its has a good weight and hang to it, so not to flap about in the wind. Plus it is quiet, so you will have no rustling noises when wearing it.

I personally prefer my waxed cotton to have a little wear and tear – rather like a pair of old jeans, feeling a little more supple than when first bought. But, that being said your Skirt does need the occasional maintenance and by doing so will increase its life span. Much the same as your saddle, bridal and boots benefiting from the occasional clean and polish.

Re- waxing your skirt is not to tricky, you simply-

  • Using a damp sponge clean of any excess dirt from the waxed cotton.
  • Place your tin of wax cotton dressing in hot water to soften it.
  • Apply thinly with a clean cloth to you waxed cotton.
  • Paying extra attention to seams, pocket edges, and any particularly worn areas.

Once you have re-waxed you skirt it will bring it back to its original water and windproof finish and will help protect the fabric from wear. Which will extend the life of your Skirt, plus it will add those rich colour tones back into the fabric.


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