Dartmoor, Photo-shoot.

Titan Splashing in the water testing the riding skirt

This was photo-shoot No4.

I was excited about this shoot for a few reasons; one being, I love moorland, especially Dartmoor. Two, it was going to be the first time having two models and to see the Navy and Vintage brown side by side. And finally, it was the first shoot where a model already owned her skirt, so we would get to see it once the wax cotton has been – broken in. It is one of the things I love about wax cotton is how it becomes more supple and soft as it is worn.

Our models for the shoot were, Amanda and Caroline, who are sisters, the location was on their family farm. Our photographer for the day was the super talented, Deborah Heynes. As with the previous photo-shoots, this was the first time meeting everyone, which is always so exciting.

It was such a fun day. We were blessed with some autumn sunshine and spoilt for choice with location ideas. The farm was stunning, and as not only Caroline and Amanda but the horses too had grown up there, we were able to go almost everywhere.

Very early on in the shoot, Titan decided that he needed to show us his love for all things water and spent a good while covering poor Caroline in freezing water from the river. Luckily the water just ran straight of her skirt. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. Both Caroline and Amanda were fab, it was lovely to watch them chatter away while riding over bridges, up and down banks, though water, galloping across fields, riding up and down tracks, and splashing in puddles. It makes such a difference when you see riders and horses who trust each other and are enjoying themselves. I was even lucky enough to have a little ride on the wonderful Woody.

What a superstar Deborah was. We defiantly walked a few miles and got very muddy but not once did she seem to be bothered. It was clear straight away that Deborah loves her job. If you have met me, you will know I’m a good chatter, and Deborah and I got to chit-chatting straight away, which made the day so enjoyable. I felt relaxed in asking for shots I thought would look good. The photos from the day did not disappoint. Deborah captured the beauty in the location but also the relationship between Sisters and their horses.


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