Peterborough, Shoot No2

Model Jody on her horse

Our 2nd shoot was up in Peterborough with the wonderful Jody and her handsome horse Ferguson. Our photographer for this shoot was Laura Fiddaman, who has a great style of capturing beautiful natural photos.

Unlike the first shoot I was going to be photographed as well, which was very nerve-racking, but lucky Jody and I know each other from both being Parelli Instructors, so this helped steady my nerves.

The weather was wild! The wind was crazy strong and definitely added an extra challenge to the shoot, the location was very flat and open which meant we struggled to find sheltered spots. Jody’s horse Ferguson is 18hh and was feeling a little fresh which was not helped by the wind. Laura was great having to do speed photography between gusts of wind, sand storms, and Ferguson’s sassy moments. You wouldn’t know by looking at the photos that any of this was going on. I’m not sure how Jody did it, but she kept Ferguson contained, kept smiling, looked great, and was up for trying every location and pose we though at her. I take my hat off to both Laura and Jody for there ability to deal with such a crazy shoot.

I don’t think I have laughed so much in one day. It just shows that if you embrace what you are given and tackle every task with a positive attitude you can create great things.


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