Ash farm photo shoot

Galloping horse

After the fun we had doing our original photo shoot, I wanted to organize a new shoot but using a new model, new horse and new photographer. I wanted to offer the opportunity for some of you guys to be involved and so I put up a post on social media asking if any one would like to model with there horses. It was lovely to have such a big response, but I then had the task of picking.

In the end I decided to do several shoots with different models, horses, photographers and locations all spaced over a two-month period. I was excited as each shoot was going to offer a different look and show the versatility of  ‘The Moorland’ skirt. Plus I was going to get to meet some of you guys and work with some exciting equine photographers.

My first shoot was at Ash Farm in Dorset a stunning organic deer farm, run by a wonderful family, Adam, Ali and Eden.

Eden contacted me and told me about herself and her horses and their lovely farm and I new it would be perfect for a shoot.

I went on the hunt for a local photographer and I was over the moon when I was contacted by Georgina Preston. I had seen Georgina’s work before and loved her style, so was excited to work with her at Ash Farm.

The day of the shoot was the first time we had all met each other face to face, which can be a little scary. But as I suspected Eden and her family were fab and Georgina was so great. 

What a day we had! Georgina has a amazing eye and style and Eden was a natural. We used two of Eden’s horses and both were impeccably well behaved, we even had a few other little fury friends join in during the shoot as well. I couldn’t of asked for a better day. I drove home feeling like I was on cloud nine and was already thinking up new ideas an opportunity’s to work with both Eden and Georgina again.


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