Finishing touches

nouvelle habit wax seal

Throughout the design process I was inspired to create all sorts of extra finishing touches.

As Nouvelle Habit, my dream business came closer to reality; I decide that I would make sure that those little extra finishing touches were part of my final product.

Firstly I wanted my own fabric design and every skirt to be lined with it.

I decided to take the rose design fabric at the same time as the logo; this in turn inspired the addition of a rose the shield.

Eve, my logo designer, came up with a few colour options and I settled on two colourways; Nouvelle Habit Blue Rose and the Nouvelle Habit Red Rose

The next thing I had my heart set on was a wax seal. For me, wax seals are about attention to detail, they represent more traditional times and integrity.

I knew that a seal would help to define the cornerstones of my brand.

Thanks to the wonderful team at The Little Brush this was made into a reality.  When my wax seal stamp arrived, I couldn’t wait to test it out. It was every bit as exciting and satisfying as I had hoped.

There was one last thing on my list and that was to have my logo made into a hand leather stamp so that I could brand my leather buckles, finding this was tricky!

After searching high and low, I found a company in America. They were able to create a stamp from my design and they were willing to ship it to the UK.

I had to wait very patiently but, just like the wax seal, it was perfect!


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