The Real Deal

equine photoshoot

The official photo shoot was coming up; I had everything crossed that the weather would be kinder this time.

I booked two full days to give us a greater chance of good weather, hoping to get the shots I needed for the launch of my website.
Celine, my friend was flying down from Glasgow to model for me. Avril would be my photographer and I was going to direct and be on horse duties. The Nouvelle Habit branded clothing had arrived and looked stunning thanks to Team Equestrian

Celine and Avril were going to stay at my house over the shoot and I was really looking forward to it.

Day 1
I was up and at the yard early to wash Jester, muck out and get everything prepared for the day. I had woken up to glorious sunshine, but there was a freezing cold gale blowing a hoolie.
As I started washing Jester the heavens opened. Hailstones bounced around the yard while a thunderstorm rumbled away in the distance. Although my spirits were dampened, I carried on, ever the optimist.

The girls arrived at lunchtime and we discussed are plan; we decided to do product shots, keep checking the weather apps and wait out the bad weather. Yes, it was going to clear up any minute…
We waited …and waited …and waited.

Plan B, we turned Jester out and left the yard, on the hunt for a nearby sheltered location, away from the ice-cold wind for some ‘off horse’ shots.
Chilled to the bone but undeterred, we found our location and got cracking.
Poor Celine had coats and jumpers for extra upper body warmth in between location shots. Heroically stripping down to a t-shirt for each pose, to be sure that the carefully considered detail in the waistband could be seen.

The sun eventually decided to join us but that wind was insistent. Fortunately Avril knew exactly what she was looking for and we rushed around snapping over and over. A few hours later we were home with the heating on, tea in hand. The outcomes of our efforts were stunning!

Day 2
Again I set of early.

Today’s plan was to get going earlier and to go with whatever the weather threw at us. No waiting in the cold today!
Thank goodness it was sunny and the cruel wind had subsided.

We scouted a spot on the farm and set off. Loaded with numerous outfit changes, stepladders, cameras and Jester (who was sparkling white).
A few hours of amazing team work and it was a wrap!
I can’t thank Avril and Celine enough for their amazing work over the two days; the resulting images show no trace of the cold and suffering we all endured!
I couldn’t have asked for a better team.


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