Logo Design

Nouvelle habit red logo

I was really stuck on this for a long time; I had my business name but the inspiration for my logo just wasn’t there.

After being given a book on symbols, signs and visual codes by my dad the idea came to create my own Coat of Arms. I spent the next few days reading as much as I could on Heraldry and the meaning of colours, animals and flowers to help me create one that I felt would represent my business and me.

I ended up going for a fairly simple design.

The Gold background stands for Generosity.

The Rose representing Beauty & Grace and the flower colours; Blue meaning Truth & Loyalty and represents Winter, Orange for Worthy & Ambition and represents Autumn and Red for Love.

These qualities form the cornerstones of Nouvelle Habit.

I also wanted to pay homage to my Grandfather, he was the one that encouraged my passion of horses when I was little. He had owned and breed race horses in his life and the family silk colours were, Gold, Red and Navy so it felt natural to use these colours as Nouvelle Habit’s brand colours.


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