Manufactured VS handmade

laser cut leather buckles

In the run up to my launch date, I had a huge dilemma to resolve. Which was going to be the best route for my business? Me, hand tailoring every skirt or, finding a manufacturer that would reflect everything I wanted my business to be. As with most things there are pro’s and con’s.

Hand tailored


  • Making sure every garment is to the highest of standard.
  • The ability to tailor bespoke garments
  • Lower initial cost
  • No excess stock
  • Control of workers wages and well being


  • The process takes a long time
  • Limited colour option due to fabric quantity



  • More colour options
  • Much quicker
  • Having stock readily available


  • Larger capital investment
  • Less control of quality
  • No control of workers wages or well being
  • Finding a UK factory that would take on a starting business
  • Too much stock

I was really stuck on this and kept being pushed towards manufacturing by my business advisors and mentors. My passion and drive kept pulling me back to hand tailoring. What it came down to at the end was that I love sewing and I enjoy seeing people in something I have made. I wanted to create a business where I could employ staff and pay them a decent wage. I wanted to make sure they enjoy there job and that we all care about what we do. 

The essence of my idea being that the garments must be beautiful in every way and that I want to retain a strong connection to my business and my dream. So that was it, decision made. I was determined to Hand tailor every skirt from start to finish.


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