Prototype No8.

Odette in a prototype riding skirt

Christmas was coming and I had successfully joined the Princes Trust ‘Explore Enterprise Course’.

I was feeling really ready to embrace every aspect of my business venture, from marketing and selling, even down to the accounting! I was hungry to learn as much as I could and with prototype No8 ready to sew. I was as excited as a child might be on Christmas morning.

At the stables, I asked a Hannah, whom I ride with frequently, if she would be my model. Up to this point I had been riding in my creations but I had yet to see them in action. I watched while Hannah rode. It looked great! The skirt moved well with rider and horse and was behaving almost exactly as I wanted it to… I was happy… Just one last tweak and voila! The final pattern for the long skirt was almost complete.

Onwards and upwards to the short version…


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