Prototypes No6 and No7.

drawings of skirt designs

I booked Joy to come and spend another day with me in the studio to help with the next couple of prototypes, as I wanted to change my skirt from a 6-panel skirt into 12 or more panels! Things were about to get a whole lot more complicated…

We set to it. Joy had the great idea of making a prototype that would show us the potential of both new designs. The left hand side as one design, No6 and the right side, as the other, No7. This approach saved us time and made comparing the two designs so much easier. It was so obvious when it was made that design No7 was by far the better option. Excitedly we made a calico prototype.

As soon as I tried it on and sat on my tailor’s hobby horse, I knew we were so much closer to the final product. When the lighter fabric arrived, I made up a lined version and took it out for a test ride. The test ride was a success however, the perfectionist in me could still see a few little bits that were not quite as I had pictured them… so I set about making a new pattern.

What’s the saying ‘the devil is in the detail’?


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