Prototype No3

Minor tweaks were made to the design for prototype No3 but in all other respects, prototype No2 was built upon. This time making use of a heavy material to replicate the weight of the waxed cotton and exploring the lining it to get an accurate idea of the finished look and feel…

I decided to use some of my mums old cotton curtains; they were the perfect weight and were going to be thrown out had I not rescued them from their fate. Waste not – want not.

As soon as I finished sewing prototype No3 together I set off to my stables for the first test ride, time to see if my design was working!

I had my doubts about parts of the design, but until I tried it out it was all guess work…

It was a stunning autumn day with beautiful shadows and sunshine. I felt so good to ride my horse ‘Jester wearing my design. My dream was inching ever closer.

However, my educated guesses were right. Where I thought the design might not quite work came true. Most importantly I didn’t think prototype No3 would keep you dry enough.

Nonetheless this was good progress and I had plenty of ideas to try out on the next prototype.


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