Prototype No1 & No2.

odette in tweed cap

No1 was relatively easy, as I had already made this when I was at Bath Collage; the only difference being that it was in miniature. So the first step was to make it to fit me.

 Joy helped me recap what I had learnt and we took my design and scaled it up. It was a Short version of my skirt. It was not my intention to make a short riding skirt; in my mind’s eye they had always been long, probably as a result of personal preference. I surprised myself with this prototype in that I really liked it.

No2 was the same considered design with added length, for a more traditional looking skirt. I loved it when I tried it on I felt elegant which was precisely what I wanted to achieve with my design.

It was my hope that future clients would feel good both on and off their horse.


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