The name.

Out hacking

As with the idea for the skirt the name came from inspiration when out riding with a friend. I had been playing around with ideas for a name and knew I wanted it to include the word Habit, as I wanted to maintain a strong connection with tradition. But I was really stuck on what else was needed.

My friend Victoria and I were out riding around the Badminton estate, enjoying the warmth of the winter sun while I relayed my idea to her. Suddenly Victoria came up with a name, the perfect blend of tradition and romance and the ethos I wanted to create…

Nouvelle Habit …or Habit Nouvelle.

I loved both names instantly as they connected so strongly with both the traditions I wanted to celebrate in my design and my French name. I felt that having the French word Nouvelle meaning ‘New’ in the name tied it to me.

We spent the rest of this particular winter ride acting like mad women riding around, our excitement filling the crisp winter air. Repeating the name out load in both ways to see which rolled of the tongue best.

…After a length of time that I do not care to figure out I settled upon


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